"But he's not the man you married anymore."
"Actually, he is. That's the problem. In twenty years, I've gone from supply clerk to thoughtcrier to materials supervisor to wardmaster. Successful wardmasters become mayors. I always end up hating my job, too, but every time, I find a path to something better. But Brue can't find the nerve to tell off an old fossil whose authority ended before the Ancient Cataclysm!"
―Jogan Halder and Quarra Thayn discussing her tenuous relationship with Brue Thayn[src]

Brue Thayn was a male Keshiri who was the husband of Quarra Thayn, and father of their three children, which included at least one adolescent daughter. He was a resident of the city of Uhrar, in northern Alanciar, a continent on the Wild Space planet of Kesh. As of 2975 BBY, Brue worked as a glassblowing instructor for the Training Directorate of the Alanciari military, and taught glassblowing to elderly Keshiri veterans. While he disliked his job, Brue had little interest in advancing his position, something which irritated his wife Thayn considerably. Whereas Brue was late-back and complacent, Quarra was competitive and eventually worked her way to the top position of wardmaster and chief military administrator of Uhrar.[1]

Quarra's frustration with her husband's complacency led her to initiate an affair with Jogan Halder, a signal officer in the Alanciari military's Signal Corps, who was stationed at the frontier fort of Point Defiance. Quarra's fateful meeting with Halder coincided with the Sith invasion of Alanciar, and the two Keshiri were coerced into collaborating with the invaders who managed to annex Alanciar. During the Sith invasion, Brue evacuated his children to a protective shelter where they remained for the duration of that conflict. Following the Sith "unification" of Alanciar and Keshtah, Brue and his family were able to return to their home. His wife Quarra was also regarded as a hero for helping the "good Sith" to defeat the "bad Sith", who had murdered the War Cabinet, the military government of Alanciar.[1]


Husband and GlassblowerEdit

"He teaches glassblowing to the elderly."
"Well, that's...I'm sure he gets a lot out of working with them."
"Do headaches count?..."
―Quarra Thayn and Jogan Halder discussing Brue's occupation[src]

Brue Thayn was a Keshiri man who lived on the continent of Alanciar prior to its annexation by the Lost Tribe of Sith in 2975 BBY. He was the husband of Quarra Thayn, an ambitious and hardworking Keshiri woman who had risen to the position of wardmaster and chief military administrator of the city of Uhrar by 2975 BBY. Brue and Quarra had three children including one daughter who was eleven years old in 2975 BBY. Had the Sith annexation of Alanciar not occurred that year, their daughter would have been eligible for conscription into the Alanciari military the following year. He and his family lived at a house in Uhrar. As with all Keshiri living in Alanciar, Brue was raised from young to fear the Lost Tribe of Sith, a group of Human Sith offworlders who had settled on the planet Kesh during the Great Hyperspace War and dominated Keshtah Minor, one of Kesh's two extant continents.[1]

Brue Thayn was a glassblowing artisan who specialized in making fireglobes, a device crafted from glass and metal that was used to produce illumination in Alanciari homes and buildings. Brue taught glassblowing to elderly veterans of the Alanciari military, who were still required to do something for the Great Cause—which entailed preparing Alanciar to resist any invasion by the Sith. These veterans were often grumpy and often used their higher ranks to bully him. While Brue disliked his job as a glassblowing instructor, he was unwilling to make the effort to working himself up the Alanciari social ladder to get a better-paying and more comfortable job. By contrast, his wife Quarra had progressed from the lowly position of supply clerk to thoughtcrier and then materials supervisor before attaining the senior position of wardmaster. While Brue was a good father who looked after the children and their home, his unwillingness to improve his job status became a source of contention with Quarra.[1]

Quarra's dissatisfaction with her husband, whom she perceived as being dull and boring, led her to initiate an affair with Jogan Halder, who was a signal officer who was posted at Point Defiance, a seaside frontier fort in the Six Claws of Alanciar's southern coast. This affair began in 2978 BBY and Quarra would exchange thousands of messages with Jogan via semaphore machine over a three-year period. Most of these dispatches arrived overnight at Quarra's office in Uhrar and she read them in the morning. For Quarra, Halder's letters came to provide a form of escape from the drudgery of her work as an administrator and mother. She soon began carrying these letters with her throughout her rounds, reading them during her free time. In 2975 BBY, Quarra traveled to Point Defiance to meet Jogan in person for the first time. Officially, Brue was told that his wife had been sent on a one-week trip to the industrial cities of the Northern Slope.[1]

The Sith InvasionEdit

"This husband of yours—I can almost see his face when you think of him. He's a nothing. He never was, and never wanted to be, more than he is He's slowing you down. I take it that drove you to that sentinel, that Jogan..."
―Edell Vrai discussing Quarra's fraught relationship with her husband[src]

Unknown to Brue and Quarra Thayn, the latter's visit to Point Defiance would coincide with one of the most pivotal events in Alanciar's history—the Sith invasion of Alanciar. In 2975 BBY, the High Lord Edell Vrai led a Sith reconnaissance mission to Alanciar which succeeded in reaching the continent's southwestern coast. Due to two thousand years of preparation, the Alanciari military was able to quickly respond and destroy the Sith scouting airships. Most of the Sith expedition was wiped out during that first contact but a party of six survivors led by Edell succeeded in capturing Quarra and Jogan Halder, who were coerced into collaborating with the Sith invaders. In addition, the Sith also managed to capture the Alanciari sailing vessel Mischance and a copy of the Keshtah Chronicles, a popular history book which had informed generations of Alanciari about the Tribe and Keshtah Minor. These newly-acquired assets would help the Sith to succeed in their goal of conquering Alanciar.[1]

The surviving Sith expedition members brought Jogan Halder and the Mischance back to Keshtah Minor, allowing the Sith to gain access to the Alanciari's sailing ship technology. In addition, the Tribe's leadership successfully convinced Jogan that the Sith did not actually pose a threat to the Alanciari but were actually the Protectors, gods in Keshiri religion. While the Sith acknowledged that there had been "servants" of the Destructors amongst their numbers, the Sith Grand Lord Varner Hilts claimed that the Tribe had cast out these malcontents and that one of them had traveled abroad with his fleet of airships. Jogan was convinced of the Tribe's benevolent intentions and became their "ambassador". Under considerable duress, Quarra agreed to become Edell's guide for a ground reconnaissance mission into Alanciar's interior. She agreed in return for Edell guaranteeing that he would spare Jogan's life.[1]

During their travels, Quarra and Edell came to develop a reluctant friendship. Quarra also talked about her children and her husband, whom Edell learnt had not been present at the Signal station during the time of the Sith invasion. Due to his Force powers, Edell was able to read Quarra's mind and learnt that the latter was having an affair with Jogan. When Quarra expressed her unhappiness at this disclosure, Edell assured her that he was not judging her and commented that the Sith were quite similar to the Alanciari in this regard. Later, Quarra visited Uhrah to check that her family was safe. She found that their three children were sleeping in the town's protective shelter. Following the invasion, Quarra's staff had rounded up the town's children and evacuated them to its shelter. During this brieft visit, Quarra did not meet Brue who had presumably been called up for duty at a glass ammunition factory. Due to the fighting, there had been an increased demand of glass projectiles to support the Alanciari "Cause".[1]

In the end, the Sith were able to convince the Alanciari to submit to their rule through Jogan Halder's diplomacy. Meanwhile, a mutiny among the Sith invasion forces led by the High Lord Korsin Bentado was defeated through the combined efforts of Edell, Quarra, and the Keshtah Keshiri servant Squab. Earlier, Bentado and the survivors of a second Sith invasion force known as the Ebon Fleet had killed the entire War Cabinet, the military leadership of Alanciar, and taken over Vaal Hall and its "worldwatch" which functioned as a highly centralized nerve center for receiving and sending signal communications across the continent. In an effort to win the "hearts and minds" of the Alanciari, Jogan and Hilts, who purported to be the "Kesh-born minion" of a Keshiri god known as the Bright Tuash, claimed that Bentado was a "servant of the Destructors" and a "pariah" who had been banished from the Tribe for his warlike ways. In reality, Bentado had been the leader of the invasion force who had accomplished the Tribe's goal of decapitating the Alanciari military government. Finally, Hilts claimed that while Adari Vaal, the Herald of Kesh and a highly respected historical figure in Alanciar, had been misguided about the Tribe.[1]

The UnificationEdit

"Looks like you had a busy vacation."
"That's one way of putting it. How was work?"
"Pretty good. Kids are glad to be home. They'll be thrilled to see you."
"I'll surprise them."
―Brue and Quarra Thayn engage in a brief conversation[src]

Brue Thayn and his wife Quarra Thayn survived and benefited from the Sith "unification" of Alanciar. As part of this process, both Human and Keshiri Sith relief workers were sent to Alanciar to promote peace and reconciliation between the two continents. The Sith occupiers also promoted the notion that the past two millennia of Alanciari history had been a period of "collective madness". According to the official reports, Quarra was a well-trained Keshiri woman who had worked in concert with Edell Vrai, one of the Tribe's secret agents, to defeat the "evil one" Bentado and his followers. Following the Sith "unification", there was an increased demand for fireglobes since the Sith were fascinated with this Alanciari technology. Brue and other Alanciari glassblowers consequently benefited from an increased demand for their services and products.[1]

Following the events at the capital Sus'mintri, Brue's wife Quarra returned to her family, whom remained ignorant of her affair with Jogan Halder. The Force-sensitive Quarra had already turned down Edell's offer of joining the Tribe and had decided to continue working as a wardmaster to guide her family and her people through the process of "unification." When Quarra arrived at their family home in Uhrar, she found that Brue was polishing several fireglobes which he had shaped. After commenting that his wife had a busy vacation, he switched off the fireglobe devices. After talking about work, Brue told his wife that their children were glad to be home and that they would be thrilled to see her. After promising she would surprise them, Quarra knelt to tie her muntok steed to its tether before entering the house. Thus, the Thayn family were reunited after a tumultuous few weeks.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Do headaches count? Brue hates every minute of it. They're veterans, and while they're all been retired, they still have to do something for the Cause, like we all do. So these cranky people are on the factory line and every single one thinks they outrank him. Which they might not, if Brue had any rank at all..."
―Quarra describing her husband Brue's unhappy work experience[src]

While Brue Thayn was a good family man who provided well for the needs of his wife Quarra Thayn and their children, he had a dull and complacent personality. Unlike his ambitious and hardworking bureaucrat wife, Brue was not willing to upskill himself for a better job other than his work as a glassblower instructor, which he disliked due to the grumpy attitude of the elderly Keshiri soldiers. By contrast, Quarra had taken the opportunity to move up the hierarchy of Alanciar's militaristic society. This became as source of contention with his wife and led Quarra to initiate an affair with the Alanciari soldier Jogan Halder. Despite these issues, Brue and was still able to relate well with his spouse and their children.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Brue Thayn first appeared as a minor non-point-of-view character in John Jackson Miller's short story Lost Tribe of the Sith: Pandemonium, which was released on July 24 2012. Pandemonium was the last novella in Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith short story series which ran from 2009 to 2012, and was released as part of the mass paperback Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories. Most of the material relating to Brue in the story is told from the point-of-view of his wife Quarra Thayn.


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