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Bryar pistol
Production information

BlasTech Industries




Blaster pistol


1,350 credits

Physical and technical specifications



1.5 - 3kg

Usage and history

A modified Bryar rifle with its stock and muzzle sawed down, the Bryar pistol was a fairly standard, relatively accurate blaster. The gun had one additional feature, however: the ability to "charge up" and fire one large blast as opposed to faster, weaker shots. This had no detrimental effects on the gun or its accuracy, but it did consume ammunition at a much higher rate than normal. The Bryar was incredibly accurate at long distances.

Bryar rifles were popular during the waning days of the Old Republic and were afterward highly sought after by blaster aficionados.

The Bryar pistol was the preferred weapon of mercenary-turned New Republic operative Kyle Katarn, given to him by his father as a parting gift for the Imperial Academy, until he adopted a lightsaber as part of his Jedi training. Katarn continued to carry the gun as a backup, unlike other Jedi, and used it extensively after severing his ties to the Force.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kyle Katarn with his Bryar pistol.

The Bryar pistol was created by Justin Chin, owing its name to composer Gavin Bryars.

The "charge-up" feature of the Bryar pistol was not available until its appearance in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, in which the weapon also fired yellow blaster bolts instead of the red of previous games. This, along with slight variances in the weapon's name throughout the series (in order: "modified Bryar pistol," "Bryar pistol," "Bryar blaster pistol"), has led to some ambiguity as to whether it was a new model in the Bryar line or the same gun used in the previous games.


Bryar pistol JK2JO
Bryar pistol in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast game


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