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Gungi's lightsaber was made of wood from the Brylark.

"Ah...yes, wood. Not a common choice. And only wood from a Brylark tree is as strong as metal."

The Brylark tree was a type of tree. During the Clone Wars, Jedi Initiate Gungi was asked by Professor Huyang what he envisioned his future lightsaber to be made. The Wookiee explained to the Architect droid he felt it through the Force as wood. Huyang responded that the only wood sturdy enough to make a saber would be from a Brylark tree. Huyang had a pre-carved Brylark wood casing in his collection of lightsaber parts, which Gungi used for his lightsaber hilt. Huyang said that it was a very rare choice among hilts, just like Wookiees like Gungi are rare among Jedi.



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