The Bubble of the Lost was a location at the heart of the Chiloon Rift, considered an area of ghost ships by the Rift asteroid miners. The monolith at the Bubble's center bent space-time outwards (whereas a black hole bends space-time inwards), so that two points in space and time within the Bubble would maintain their distance relative to each other, while the distance between them actually grew as space-time expanded. Because of time dilation — five years spent inside Bubble was close to just one year outside in the Rift.

Ships were known to become lost in the Bubble, and as a result the Rift miners would not work the region. Sometimes a ship would disappear for a short period of time, sometimes it would disappear for centuries. Prior to 55 BBY, the miners' support cooperative abandoned its efforts to expand the RiftMesh into the Bubble because the spacetime deformity caused the signal-relaying beacons to drift out of range from each other. By 45 ABY, the Qreph brothers were using the Bubble of the Lost as the center of their operations.



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