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A bubble spore, as depicted in the Kresch.

The bubble spore was a species of fast-growing, aquatic-dwelling plants that were native to the swamps of Naboo. It secreted a scent that was pleasing to the Gungans, and when boiled, created bubble wort, the raw material used in growing bubble buildings in Otoh Gunga and Ohma-D'un. It was also used in the fashioning of energy balls. The seeds of the plants were airborne and resembled bubbles. Gungan children enjoyed popping the bubbles, although some thought that the bubbles purposely avoided this fate.


Bubble spore seedpic

Seeds of the bubble spore.

Around 32 BBY, Santhe Industries and TaggeCo were interested in studying the peculiar properties of bubble spores, and possibly introducing them off-world, though they had as yet little success.



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