"Honor means everything to the Belt pirates. A Belt pirate who makes a promise fulfills that promise. A Belt pirate who makes a threat fulfills that threat. A Belt pirate who swears allegiance does not break that allegiance. In their eyes, there is great honor to be found in battle and in the taking of a prize. Crews and captains of prizes who refuse to fight back are considered cowards. Without honor, the entire pirate organization would come flying apart at the seams."
Platt Okeefe[src]

The Buccaneer Code was a strict codex of honor written by the first King of the Phosphura Belt Pirates, Arvo Norstrag. It was a code of conduct dictating the behavior expected of a Belt pirate.

"Take only that which you have won in battle. Take not from your allies. Take not from those who shield you. Respect your brother and sister pirates. Respect and honor their allegiances. Respect and honor those who fight against you. Relish in the taking of a prize."
―Buccaneer Code[src]

Another version adds the following:

"...Relish not in destruction for destruction's sake."
―Buccaneer Code[src]

The Buccaneer Code was believed by many, such as Platt Okeefe, to be the most important aspect of being a Belt pirate. Without the Buccaneer code, the pirate organization would crumble into dust. Crucial to the code was the notion of prizes fairly won in battle, rather than stolen by stealth or subterfuge. Victims and even captured law enforcement officers were to be treated well after they were stripped of valuables.