Builder With Vines was a Qom Jha who lived during the Caamas Document Crisis.


He was one of the three Qom Jha to help Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade and Child Of Winds—a young Qom Qaefind the entrance to the Hand of Thrawn. When the party found an entrance into the fortress, Builder With Vines stayed behind with the Humans and the Qom Qae while Splitter Of Stones and Keeper Of Promises, the other two Qom Jha, flew back to their nesting to bring additional help. The four of them were threatened by an advancing swarm of fire creepers while they waited for the other Qom Jha to arrive. Initially, Builder With Vines stayed away from the deadly insects, but soon decided to show off for Child Of Winds by diving at the swarm and scooping up mouthfuls of them to eat. Builder With Vines almost succeeded in goading Child Of Winds into imitating the reckless stunt, but the Qom Jha got too close to the fire creepers on one pass; he was snared, dragged to the cavern floor, and eaten alive.