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The Bumani Exchange Corporation was the front for the Exchange on Citadel Station during the Telosian Restoration Project. It had dealings with the Czerka Corporation representative office on the station.

By 3951 BBY, Loppak Slusk headed the "Bumani Exchange Corporation". His second-in-command and chief of security were Luxa and Benok, respectively. Other employees included Koobis, a door guard, and Vula, the receptionist. The organization also used a number of Gamorreans in its security.

That same year, the "corporation" was infiltrated by Meetra Surik, who agreed to assist Luxa in her attempt to assassinate Slusk and seize power. When she had fought her way through the Bumani guards, however, Surik decided to follow the path of nonviolence, backing down from her original promise. After defending herself from an attack by Luxa, who had become angered by Surik's refusal of help, Surik persuaded Slusk to stop pressuring the Ithorians and their restoration project.


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