The bunny was a diminutive rabbit-like lagomorph species of unknown origins.


This odd species had long ears and large mouths filled with sharp teeth. They resembled the Lepi species


There were two known members of this species. The first, who went by the name of Max, was usually very hyperactive. He enjoyed violence and had destructive tendencies. The other member was the Energizer Bunny, who was known for his persistence, shown during his battles with Darth Vader.

As no other member of this species was ever encountered, it is unknown if their behavior reflected that of the entire species.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term "bunny" and "lagomorph" have both been used to describe the character Max, an easter egg from the Dark Forces series of video games. It is unclear whether the terms refer specifically to a unique species or whether Max is simply a different version of the rabbit or Lepi species.

Lagomorph is a Greek word meaning "rabbit-looking," and a term Max uses to refer to himself in Sam & Max games and comics. Lagomorpha is an order of mammals, which includes rabbits.



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