Bunt Dantor was a Skakoan scientist who worked at the Techno Union Research and Development Wing during the Clone Wars.[1]


In 21 BBY, Dantor was part of a panel debate discussing the Separatist's mysterious new weapon. Based on the lack of applause, Dantor was not highly thought of.

During the debate, it was Dantor who brought up the possibility of the use of an ion cannon in conjunction with conventional secondary weaponry, as the technology behind the mysterious attacks. He estimated the size of a warship capable of destroying entire capital ship task forces to be at 17 kilometers in length, given its power-supply. This estimate conflicted with those made by fellow panelists, Umak Leth and Nasdra Magrody.[1]

He often relayed facts in a monotone, mechanized voice, as he wore an environmental pressure suit, like all Skakoans living off-world.[1]


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