"Clone subjects in the study showed a more marked variation in biological age and genetic mutation than seen naturally occurring zygotic twins. In the group of 100 cloned men aged 24 chronological years, and who could reasonably be expected to present as the equivalent of a 48-year-old uncloned human, key biomarks showed a range from 34 to 65 years with a median of 53 years. Further research is needed, but exposure to battlefield contaminants and high levels of sustained stress appear to accelerate normal genetic mutation in men already designed to age at twice the normal rate. By the time Kamino clones reach the equivalent of their mid-40s, those mutations are very apparent and–like natural zygotics–they grow apart."
Doctor Bura Veujarij, Imperial Institute of Military Medicine, "Aging and Tissue Degeneration in Kaminoan-cloned Troops," Imperial Medical Review 1675[src]

Bura Veujarij was a doctor who served as a member of the Imperial Institute of Military Medicine, studying the aging of Clone troopers as part of Imperial Medical Review 1675.

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