Burloo, known as "Bantha" Burloo, was a burly Chagrian bouncer who worked at Miss Mylla's Saloon in Bartyn's Landing, a borough in Lamaredd.


Burloo was a tall, muscled Chagrian male living in the coastal town of Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd. He was nicknamed "Bantha" Burloo. For as far as any neighbor could remember, Burloo had been seen in the company of Miss Mylla, a Falleen who had arrived to Lamaredd at some point before 69 BBY along with several Falleen escorts.

Miss Mylla eventually bought an inn and transformed it into Miss Mylla's Saloon, an entertainment locale where customers could enjoy drinks served by scantily-clad waitresses or these women's company in private rooms. Burloo became the bouncer of the Saloon, standing always at a maximum of ten meters from the door, except when he was dealing with any problematic guest. The Saloon was always open, and Burloo appeared to be always on duty. Burloo was also partly responsible for the security of the courtesans — although most of them could take care of themselves.

Personality and traitsEdit

At 225 centimeters of height and powerfully built, Burloo was an imposing presence in Lamaredd. He commonly carried with him a club, a combat knife and a slugthrower pistol – as blasters were uncommon in Lamaredd. He had several skills appropriate to his job, including the ability to intimidate, and was fluent in both Chagri and Basic — although he could only write Chagri.

Burloo was a mysterious, silent person, rarely speaking unless absolutely necessary. Acting like a statue, he ignored everyone around him except patrons looking for trouble. Those people were prone to discover that Burloo's fist was as big as a Human head.