"I swear you could drill through a moon with the things."
Jorn Kulish[src]

The burrowing plasma charge was a missile warhead developed by Arakyd Industries during the Clone Wars for use against hardened targets. The charge was a two-stage weapon: an initial plasma warhead would blast a crater before a secondary shaped charge burrowed through the hole to destroy the target.[1]

The Republic Military deployed burrowing plasma charges aboard the Ividal Sector Forces' Z-95 Headhunters during the counterattack at Ongary IX. The warheads were used to destroy Separatist starfighter bases entrenched in the planet's mine shafts. Difficulties were encountered when it was found that the extreme brightness of the burrowing plasma charges' explosions would dazzle pilots and scramble head-up displays, necessitating the application of opaque blast shields to flight helmets to protect pilots' eyes.[1]


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