Bursoll II was a recently discovered planet. It was home to a near-Human race whose government was a monarchy.[1] The planet contained heavy deposits of a rare radioactive mineral which SoroSuub attempted to exploit for use in manufacturing.

In order to convince Prince Geben Arrulis of Bursoll II to consider, he was invited to Sullust for a week. Upon not seeing any plants from his homeworld, he requests his executives to ask SoroSuub to return to Bursoll to obtain some rurylis flowers. The flowers released a pollen that dispersed safely in the atmosphere on Bursoll II, however once surrounded by enclosed spaces, they would create a psychoactive effect on any beings who breathed normal air. If they did not effect the crew of the ship transporting them to Sullust, ventilation in the underground cities of Sullust were not able to cope with them, eventually infecting everyone within that section of the city. The prince had to be appeased while thousands of Sullustans were rendered nonoperational.



  1. Based on information that resident is a prince.