This article is about the Rebel officer. You may be looking for Ben Burtt.

Burtt was a Rebel Alliance officer and part of a survey team under Princess Leia assigned to scout out the planet Arbra in the hopes of establishing a permanent Rebel base.


One of Burtt’s functions included guarding the survey team’s plastent quarters at night while they slept. Burtt was one of the first to discover that members of a small, indigenous species known as Hoojibs were stealing energy reserves from the team’s weaponry.

That same evening, an alien creature known as a Slivilith attacked the base camp. The Slivilith grabbed Burtt about the waist with its tail, and Chewbacca the Wookiee had to wrestle him from the creature’s grasp. The Slivilith was soon killed, and Burtt returned to the base camp with the others.

Behind the scenesEdit

Burtt shares his name with Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt.