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For other uses, see Butler (disambiguation).
"I am a techno service droid, not a butler droid"
Todo 360, to Cad Bane[src]

A butler droid, also known as a gentlebeing's droid was a droid that served sentient beings. Popular among the wealthy people few centuries prior to the last years of the Galactic Republic, butler droids were considered an expensive toy and a symbol of their social status. However, after many years, typical butler droids came to be out of fashion and lose their popularity to more sophisticated and more aesthetically-crafted luxury droids.

Most butler droids were programmed to know the etiquette, good manners and had the databases containing data necessary for their day-to-day service, such as information about particular eating utensils and clothing. These droids also often worked as a supervisor for household droid pool.

A model of butler droid was the JV-Z1/D butler droid.

Some butler droids were stoned to destruction by the Red Knights of Life in the Square of Hopeful Redemption on Rhommamool.



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