For the other Mandalorian drinking song, see Naasad'guur mhi – Mhi n'ulu

Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal was a Mandalorian drinking song. By the years 21 BBY, Buy'ce gal, buy've tal had gained significant popularity among numerous Mandalorian soldiers.[2] The song was cynical in nature, and was an expression of the common Mandalorian mercenary's wry pragmatism as they accepted that life could be fleeting and victories irrelevant.[1]

Traditionally sung in the Mandalorian dialect of Mando'a, Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal was a song that contained strong language. When it was performed in the more widely spoken language of Galactic Basic Standard, Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal was often given an approximate translation rather than a direct one, with the lyrics edited to be less explicit.[2]

Mando'a[2]Phonetic pronunciation[1]Approximate Basic[2]
Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal
Verbor'ad ures aliit
Mhi draar baat'i meg'parjii'se
Kote lo'shebs'ul narit.
BOO-shay gahl, BOO-shay tahl
Vair-BOR-ahd OO-rees AH-leet
Mee DRAHR bah-TEE mayg-PAR-jee-SEH
Koh-TAY loh SHEBS-ool-NAH-reet
A pint of ale, a pint of blood
Buys men without a name.
We never care who wins the war
So you can keep your fame.

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First appearing in Star Wars canon in the opening of the twenty-first chapter of Republic Commando: Triple Zero by Karen Traviss, the song was identified only as a nameless popular Mandalorian drinking chant.[2] With the release of the Star Wars Insider article, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, in the magazine's eighty-sixth issue, the song was officially deemed "Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal" and a brief interpretation of its lyrical meaning was provided.[1] In the novel Triple Zero, the translation that is given in Basic is labeled as an "approximate" one, edited for strong language.[2]



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