The Buzzzer was the Series IV picket ship flagship of the Bonestar Pirate Loka Hask, named after an insect from Eiattu 6.


In 4 BBY, when Loka Hask was trying to escape CorSec, he purposely had Buzzzer take off from the Gus Treta fueling station while the re-fueling lines were still attached to it which caused an explosion and nearly destroyed the entire spacestation.

The destruction of the Gus Treta and the death of his parents who were onboard caused a young Wedge Antilles to seek vengeance. Piloting a Z-95 Headhunter borrowed from Booster Terrik, Wedge tracked the pirates to the Jumus system where the ship had come to rest due to an infestation of Corellian limpets which had clogged the ship's thrusters. There Wedge caught up with the pirates, and catching them off-guard, he coldly destroyed Buzzzer.