"I am versed in all the necessary particulars of this case and Selkath law, offworlder."
―Bwa'lass to Revan[src]

Bwa'lass was a male Selkath who lived in Ahto City during the time of the Jedi Civil War. Serving as an Arbiter, he was appointed by the Ahto High Court for various cases.


Bwa'lass was appointed to represent Revan as a result of his attack on the Sith Embassy while searching for Manaan's hidden Star Map. During the trial he desperately turned to an insanity defense when his other strategies failed, and Revan had to interrupt the proceedings to keep the court from finding him guilty.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Revan allows Bwa'lass to defend him without interruption, Revan will be executed.

If Revan finds the datapad that details the Sith plan to corrupt Manaan's youth and spread the dark side of the Force among those Selkath who are sensitive to the Force, he can present it to Bwa'lass, who is competent enough to realize the value of the evidence. Bwa'lass doesn't accompany Revan to the trial, so it appears that Revan was able to represent himself.