Byllura was a forested world located within the Grumani sector in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy.


On the main continent of Byllura, a number of rivers flowed down from a plateau into the world's ocean, creating a series of waterfalls. Engineers from the Galactic Republic altered one of the larger river deltas to form a series of terraces, on which the city of Hestobyll, the capital of Byllura, was established.


During the New Sith Wars, Byllura was controlled by the Chagras Hegemony. Following the death of Chagras, the ruler of the hegemony, Byllura became the capital of the Dyarchy and was governed by the Sith Lord twins Dromika and Quillan. Their reign ended in 1032 BBY when Byllura fell to forces of the Arkadianate.



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