Byrom was a former mercenary who upon meeting his wife Ensa decided to live a more quiet and bloodless life in the Outer Rim Territories. He settled on the planet Molavar and became a moisture farmer.


After years of peace, Byrom's wife was attacked by the Dark Jedi Lycan while repairing some vaporators, although she survived Byrom became fearful of another attack and so placed mines all through out his fields.

One day while patrolling his borders, Byrom happened upon Darca Nyl and upon coming to believe Nyl was a Jedi, he invited him to his home. Byrom sheltered, fed, and befriended the former mercenary, and in return Nyl helped the old merc take care of local gangsters who were threatening his farm by calling on a nomadic tribe of Molavarans, led by Nyl's recent acquaintance Tooth who were looking for land to settle on, to reinforce Byrom's defense.


  • "Nomad" (First appearance)