C-3PO: Tales of the Golden Droid is a reference book that was co-written by Daniel Wallace and Josh Ling about the droid C-3PO. The book was published by Chronicle Books in September 1999 as the second book of the Star Wars Masterpiece Edition series.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Following the sensational success of Anakin Skywalker: The Story of Darth Vader, the C-3PO Masterpiece Edition showcases everyone's favorite golden droid. Alternately smug, stoic, compassionate, and terrified, "Threepio" has won over movie audiences since 1977. At last, Threepio gets the tribute he deserves in this exclusive, limited edition illustrated hardcover book and exclusive large collector figure. The fully articulated 12-inch Threepio features a realistic silver leg and blaster residue, and comes complete with detachable limbs—recalling his close call in The Empire Strikes Back—and a replica of the net Chewbacca used to collect his scattered parts. In the companion book, Daniel Wallace and Josh Ling go behind the scenes to gather reflections by the creative team behind C-3PO's conception, and present a pictorial overview of C-3PO collectibles drawn from Star Wars aficionado Steve Sansweet's extensive collection. Brought to life by an array of never-before-seen photographs, conceptual sketches, production stills, and storyboards, this boxed set will be a prize addition to any Star Wars collection.



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