"Astromech C1-series. Obselete mechanism. No longer in production."
EXD-9, to C1-10P[src]

The C1-series astromech droid,[6] also known as the C1 model, was a type of astromech droid used during the Clone Wars[7] and the reign of the Galactic Empire, though by then they were considered antiques[8] and had passed their manufacturer's expiry date a few decades prior.[9] They had three mechanical arms to manipulate objects with,[10] and featured an electrical arc welder.[11] C1-10P, a droid nicknamed "Chopper" who served on the Ghost, was a C1 model, although he was mismatched after years of repairs and patch jobs.

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In the Italian translation of the original Star Wars trilogy all astromech droids are called C1 units. R2-D2, who may be the most famous astromech droid of all, is called C1-P8 in the Italian translation.[source?]


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