"A litigation droid may be your best defense!"
―C4LR litigation droid ad campaign.[src]

Produced by the often unheard of company Caldrahlsen Mechanicals, the C4LR litigation droid was a top-notch litigator and the only non-organic lawyer to be accredited in the Imperial Legal System.

Hardwired to prevent lying, misrepresentation and exaggeration, one could always trust a C4LR to be completely reliable. The droid was programmed with a perfect memory, and was able to record and store all information from a court proceeding, including evidence and testimonies. The C4LR was so trusted that the Imperial Inquisitorium used the droid to decide several high-ranking cases.

The C4LR came preloaded with only one law specialty installed. For 2,000 credits each, up to four more modules could be installed. These modules included such specialties as Imperial law, taxation law and military jurisprudence.

Due to the massive processing capabilities of the AX-02 VerboBrain, many smugglers and freighter captains jury-rigged the droid's brain into their ship's navicomputers. This, in theory, allowed for a deep well of data to be stored, such as hyperspace jump calculations, planetary data or anything the captain desired. However, more than one smuggler captain found himself stranded during an Imperial inspection due to the droid's refusal to break the law.