"A litigation droid may be your best defense!"
―C4LR litigation droid ad campaign.[src]

The C4LR litigation droid was a model of droid manufactured by Caldrahlsen Mechanicals.[1] The model was an excellent litigator and one of the few types of droids that were accredited to work within the Imperial legal system.[2] C4LRs were used by COMPNOR's Coalition for Progress, specifically within the Justice branch to reinforce the policy of Imperial legal infallibility.[3] The Imperial Inquisition also adopted the C4LR into its service due to its reliability.[2]

Hardwired to prevent lying, misrepresentation and exaggeration, one could always trust a C4LR to be completely reliable. The droid was programmed with a perfect memory, and was able to record and store all information from a court proceeding, including evidence and testimonies.[1]

The C4LR's litigation module came preloaded with only one law specialty installed. For 2,000 credits each, up to four more modules could be installed. These modules included such specialties as Imperial law, taxation law and military jurisprudence.[1]

Due to the processing capabilities of the AX-02 Verbobrain, many smugglers and freighter captains jury-rigged the droid's brain into their ship's navigation computers. KesselRunner, a commentator onCynabar's Droid Datalog wondered if the brain could also act as a massive navigation data reservoir. Another commentator, Siri, liked the idea but was of the opinion that the droid would refuse to assist in fleeing from Imperial forces if the smuggler was breaking the law.[2]


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