"Sir? I have the sad duty to report that we are far behind the trail of Sidon Ithano, and according to long-range sensors, he is already preparing to enter the Sea of Sand."
―C5-D9 reports to Scorza[src]

C5-D9 was a purple and green protocol droid with masculine programming that served as cabin boy in the Weequay pirate Scorza's gang around fifty years after the end of the Clone Wars. When the gang decided to try and claim the lost treasure of the Sith Lord Count Dooku from the Obrexta III, a crashed cruiser in the Sea of Sands on the desert planet Ponemah Terminal. He accompanied the gang on board a skiff toward the vessel, and en route informed Scorza that the gang's rivals, the crew of the pirate Sidon Ithano, were traveling on a faster vessel, the Shrike. Scorza, who had been told his vessel would be faster, was annoyed by the news, and when C5-D9 offered to message Ithano and ask him to wait, Scorza threw the droid overboard.[1]

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C5-D9 first appeared in the "The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku", a short story written by Landry Q. Walker published as an eBook in 2015.


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