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"Can't say I blame you, Commander Tano, but all the same, you're under arrest."
"I—n-no. I did not do this."
―Fox and Ahsoka Tano, after Letta Turmond was killed while Tano was in her cell[src]

CC-1010, nicknamed "Fox," was a clone trooper commander who led the Coruscant Guard, a special division of clone troopers who kept the peace on the Galactic Republic capital world of Coruscant during the Clone Wars.


Clone WarsEdit

Fox was assigned to lead the Coruscant Guard to keep the peace on the Galactic Republic capital.[1]

Arrest of Ziro the HuttEdit

"Should we arrest the Hutt, Senator?"
―Fox, to Senator Amidala, after apprehending Ziro — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
Raid on Ziro's Palace

Fox and Coruscant Guard storming Ziro's Palace.

Following the Battle on Teth, Fox and several members of the Coruscant guard were then accompanied C-3PO to rescue Senator Padmé Amidala from Ziro the Hutt. There, Fox and his troopers stormed Ziro's Palace, took out his battle droids, and freed Amidala. Fox and his troopers then arrested Ziro[3] who was then taken to the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center.[4][5]

Senate hostage crisisEdit

When several bounty hunters led by Cad Bane entered the Senate building and held a number of Senators and the Supreme Chancellor hostage, Fox led a company of the Coruscant Guard to cut off his escape. Unfortunately, Bane had rigged the chamber with the hostages in it with a number of explosives, which Bane could detonate remotely with the press of a button. Seeing this, Fox ordered his men to stand down and allowed the bounty hunter and his team to leave the Senate building.[5]

Following the crisis, Fox was checking I.D.s when he ran into a group of cleaning droids who were actually demolition droids sent by General Grievous to bomb the central power distribution grid.[6]

Fugitive JediEdit


Fox arrests Ahsoka Tano.

Fox was also ordered to arrest the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, although she later escaped custody.[7]

Fugitive cloneEdit

Later, Fox was assigned to protect the Chancellor in the Senate Building after Fives supposedly attacked the Chancellor. When a Observation Probe Droid spotted the clone, Fox was sent after him. When Fives was cornered, he tried to hold Fox and his men at gunpoint. Fox responded by shooting Fives through the chest, killing the rogue trooper. Fox's men then mourned Fives' death by removing their helmets.[8]

Personality and traitsEdit

A fearless soldier, Fox was one of the most highly decorated members of the Grand Army of the Republic. Fox was a loyal member of the Clone Army and would carry out his orders without question, even if it meant killing a Jedi or another clone.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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