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"Cody, get the tanks down. Come in, Cody!"
―Jet, trying to contact Commander Cody during the Second Battle of Geonosis[src]

CC-1993, nicknamed "Jet," was a Clone Commander who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars and served under Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi. He led the flame troopers.[1] Jet and Mundi were part of a Republic armada sent to reconquer the Outer Rim planet Geonosis[2], site of the first battle of the war and home to the Geonosians. The main aim of Jet and the Republic troops—which also consisted of Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, as well as their respective clone forces—was to destroy the planet's primary droid foundry maintained by Archduke Poggle the Lesser. After departing from their capital ships in LAAT/i gunships, Jet, Mundi, and their forces met heavy resistance from the Geonosian defensive fire.

In a short time, the Republic force was decimated, and the gunship carrying Jet and Mundi crashed. After the crash, Mundi decided to make their way to the staging area by going through a cave and to later rendezvous with Kenobi at the Republic staging area. Although Jet, Mundi, and their troops encountered fierce resistance by winged Geonosian warriors in the cave, they were able to get through to the other side, where they met Skywalker's forces. Jet, the Jedi, and the combined clone forces then proceeded toward the staging area and, with bomber support, helped Kenobi and his forces defeat the enemy troops. Afterward, Jet and the Republic forces attacked the enemy shield generator, destroying it and securing the way to Poggle's primary droid foundry.


Landing at the staging areaEdit

"What are our losses, Captain?"
"We got hit pretty hard. I think only Kenobi's forces made it through the flak to the landing zone."
―Jet, informing Ki-Adi-Mundi of the situation after the crash landing[src]

Jet communicates with Admiral Yularen via comlink during the Second Battle of Geonosis.

CC-1993[1], nicknamed "Jet,"[2] was one of the many clones of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett created on the planet Kamino to fight for the Grand Army of the Republic. Sometime during the Clone Wars, Jet was assigned to the Cerean Jedi General and Council member Ki-Adi-Mundi. Sometime after this, the Outer Rim planet Geonosis, site of the first battle of the war and homeworld to the Separatist-aligned Geonosians, once more became a threat to the Republic as Geonosis Archduke Poggle the Lesser rebuilt droid factories on the planet. Jet and Mundi were part of an armada, together with Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, sent to reconquer the planet.

Aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute in orbit over Geonosis, Jet; Mundi; Skywalker; Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano; and fellow clone officers CC-2224 and CT-7567—nicknamed "Cody" and "Rex," respectively—met to discuss the overall Republic strategy for an attack on the shield generator protecting Poggle's primary droid foundry. Jet and Mundi would attack from the north, while Kenobi and Cody would attack the center and Skywalker would lead the southern assault. The Republic troops were scheduled to rendezvous at a staging area[2] near the shield generator and establish a defensive perimeter there. After the briefing, Jet and Mundi departed to their LAAT/i gunship.[2]

Descending through Geonosis's atmosphere, the Republic capital ships released groups of LAAT/i gunships and LAAT carriers, with Jet and Mundi's gunship being in the last group to depart from the Resolute. The Republic landing forces met heavy resistance from enemy flak and Geonosian fighters. On Mundi's orders, Jet contacted Cody and told the commander to land his All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, which were being held aboard Kenobi's carrier gunship. Shortly afterward, the gunship containing Jet and Mundi was shot down and crashed to the ground. After being helped out of the destroyed gunship, the injured Mundi asked Jet for a status report. The commander reported that Kenobi was the only one to reach the staging area and told the General that Skywalker had also been shot down and had already engaged Geonosian forces on the ground, intending to reach the staging zone and Kenobi. After Mundi ordered Jet to load the wounded clone troopers into the AT-TE tanks, the Jedi decided that the troops would make their way toward a nearby ridge, which was located by the staging area.[2]

Rescuing Kenobi's forcesEdit

"Negative, Captain. We will be unable to provide any air support at this time."
"I understand that, sir, but we have three attack forces on the ground and only one at the landing zone."
―Jet, trying to get air support from Admiral Yularen[src]

Jet, Skywalker, Mundi, Rex, and Tano rescue Kenobi and his troops.

Jet's troops, including several of the remaining AT-TE tanks, advanced through[2] a caltrop field en route to the ridge. Sitting in the back of an AT-TE tank, Jet contacted Republic Admiral Wullf Yularen via comlink to ask for air support. However, Yularen made it clear that the only thing he could do was give them the coordinates of Skywalker's position. Heading toward Skywalker, who was en route to Point Rain, Jet, Mundi, and their troops arrived at the bottom of the ridge. Since the AT-TEs were unable to climb the ridge, Jet left some troops to protect the tanks and ordered the forces to take the longer way around the ridge to the landing zone. The commander himself accompanied Mundi and the rest of the troops to a cave at the top of the ridge, which was a shortcut to the landing zone on the other side. Shortly after entering the cave, Jet and Mundi encountered Geonosian warriors and suffered casualties. However, the clones were able to fight their way through the enemy troops, using flamethrowers to dispatch the Geonosian warriors. Reaching the end of the cave, Mundi and Jet found Skywalker and his forces at the bottom of the ridge, as well as Kenobi's forces in the distant landing zone.

Joining forces with Skywalker, Jet and Mundi raced to aid Kenobi's surrounded and outnumbered army. Yularen was finally able to deploy a squadron of Y-wing starfighter bombers to aid the hard-pressed ground forces. Together with the air support, Jet and the Republic forces reached the staging area and forced the Separatist line back. After finding Kenobi—who had been injured after his gunship crashed—the Jedi and their clone troopers convened for a short briefing on the situation and concluded that Skywalker would lead a small task force to disable the Geonosian cannons protecting the shield generator. Afterward, the tanks would advance and destroy the generator. The plan worked, and Jet informed Mundi of the success as soon as Skywalker and his group deactivated the cannons. After Mundi ordered the tanks to attack, the shield generator was destroyed by the concentrated fire of the tanks. Jet and Mundi traveled by gunship to the generator as soon as it went down, where they helped Skywalker's group capture Geonosian warriors. The main droid foundry was destroyed, and the Republic eventually won the Second Battle of Geonosis.

Personality and traitsEdit

"General, I left a squad to protect the tanks."
―Jet, to Ki-Adi-Mundi[src]

As a clone of Jango Fett, Jet stood 1.83 meters tall. On Geonosis, during the battle, Jet gave Mundi a report about the status of the mission, mentioning all necessary facts. He obeyed the orders given to him by Mundi and understood Admiral Yularen's argumentation of why air support was limited. Before the Second Battle of Geonosis, Jet and Mundi worked for hours to ensure that they were prepared for anything during the mission.


The clone commander used a pair of DC-17 blaster pistols in combat on Geonosis. Jet and his unit were known for bold colors on their armor, and the commander himself wore a distinctive orange-colored set of insulated armor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jet first appeared in "Landing at Point Rain," the fifth episode of the second season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. In the episode, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who voices all clone troopers in the series.

In the episode, Jet was referred to as a "captain" three times. This sets up a continuity error, as the episode's accompanying episode guide on identify him as a commander.



Notes and referencesEdit

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