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"General Secura, we have a problem."

CC-5052, nicknamed "Bly," was a Clone Commander who served in the 327th Star Corps during the Clone Wars. He reported directly to Jedi General Aayla Secura until executing her as part of Order 66.


CC-5052, later known as "Bly," was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett created and trained on Kamino.[2] He was then trained by ARC troopers as one of the first Clone Commanders.[3]

Battle of QuellEdit

He and General Secura came under attack at Quell by a Separatist fleet. They were then rescued from the Jedi Cruiser Liberty, by General Skywalker, his apprentice Ahsoka, and Captain Rex. However, Skywalker was seriously injured and Bly assisted in piloting the frigate to the Resolute. While attempting to dock, the frigate's hyperdrive was activated, forcing them to detach from the Resolute. As they were in hyperspace, Bly discovered that they were headed into a star. Although they managed to avoid the star, they were forced to crash land on Maridun. [4]

After the frigate's crash-landing, Bly then found a signpost indicating that there were sentient lifeforms nearby. He then left with Secura, Tano, Cameron, and Flash to find help for Skywalker. However, they then came under attack by Mastiff phalones, but were able fight them off. They were then able to find a Lurmen village. At first the village elder, Tee Watt Kaa, refused to help until he learned of their friend's plight. Bly then accompanied Ahsoka and Wag Too back to Skywalker and Rex. Once there, Bly, Ahsoka, Rex, and Wag Too were able to subdue the last of the Mastiff Phalones. Bly and Rex then carried Skywalker back to the Lurmen village.[4]

Battle of MaridunEdit

Clones maridun

Rex and Bly open fire on a Separatist probe droid on Maridun.

Bly then helped a couple of the Lurmen in piling baskets of food. They thanked him by giving him a Jogan fruit, which he gladly ate. Bly was then informed that a Separatist landing ship was coming to the village. He then helped Skywalker escape as the battle droids searched the village for contraband. As they were hiding in the tall grass, recon droid discovered them. Bly then jammed it's signal and then pursued until Secura destroyed it.[5]

Bly and the others then found the Separtist base. Bly then watched as General Lok Durd brought his new weapon; the Defoliator Deployment Tank. Bly then went with Rex for a closer look at the weapon. As the Defoliator shell descended, Bly tripped before he was able to use his ascension gun. However, he was then rescued by Secura as the shell's explosion came towards him. Bly and Rex then assisted Skywalker in distracting the droids while Secura and Tano opened the gate. After destroying the droids, Bly and Rex then took the shield generators with them aboard a Separatist shuttle. After they returned to the village, Bly then helped in establishing defensive wall around the village. Bly then raised shield, protecting the village from Defoliator shell's impact. Bly and the others then stood their ground against Durd's battle droids. Though the battle droids were able to destroy the shield generators, Bly and the others were able to stop Durd and his droids with help from the Lurmen. Bly and Rex then took Durd and Pune Zignat aboard the shuttle as Admiral Yularen's fleet arrived.[5]

Felucia and Order 66Edit

Bly then went with Secura and his troops to Felucia[6]. There they tracked down Separatist Council member Shu Mai[3]. However, when Chancellor Sheev Palpatine declared the Jedi traitors of the Republic and sent out an order to all Clone Troopers to turn on the Jedi called Order 66. Bly and his men then executed Jedi General Aayla Secura on Felucia.[6]



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