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"It was an honor to fight with you for something we chose to believe in."
―Gregor's final words to Rex[src]

CC-5576-39, nicknamed "Gregor," served as a clone commando and a clone trooper captain of the Grand Army of the Republic, fighting the Clone Wars. During the Battle of Sarrish, he was forced to retreat into space. His transport ended up crash landing on Abafar. The crash caused him to suffer from amnesia and he was hired by a Sullustan named Borkus who had him work as a dishwasher in a local bar until he regained his memories after Colonel Meebur Gascon showed the commando information to him. He was thought to be killed in an explosion trying to protect the colonel and his companions in a firefight against Separatist droids, but survived, although he suffered from brain damage, causing him to partially go crazy. 15 years after the end of the Clone Wars, Gregor was still alive and was living in a modified AT-TE on Seelos with Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe.

In 1 BBY, Gregor participated during the Liberation of Lothal, where the Lothal resistance and the Spectres drove the Galactic Empire off of Lothal once and for all. During the conflict, Gregor was killed, but he didn't pass away before telling Rex that it was an honor to serve with him and to fight for a cause the clones actually chose to believe in.


The Clone WarsEdit

"You were a captain and part of an elite squad; a clone commando. The file says you were reported missing in action during the Battle of Sarrish."
―Colonel Meebur Gascon[src]
Gregor amnesia

Gregor while having his amnesia

Gregor was in command of Foxtrot Group, an elite squad of clone commandos. After covering the retreat from his allies,[7] Gregor was reported as missing in action after the Battle of Sarrish. However he ended up on the planet Abafar with amnesia and was given a job as a dishwasher at the Power Sliders diner by Borkus for nothing more than room and board. After Colonel Meebur Gascon and his team of droids crashed landed on Abafar, they helped him to recover his memory and he in turn helped them to escape. However, he was left alone on the planet surrounded by hostile forces and facing near-certain death. Gregor seemingly sacrificed himself after shooting containers of rhydonium to destroy the droids that would have shot down Gascon's fleeing shuttle.[4]

Helping the SpectresEdit

Despite his apparent death on Abafar,[4] Gregor survived and made his way back to his clone trooper comrades. Gregor, now a Commander, survived the Clone Wars and at some point removed his control chip. In the years after the Galactic Empire's creation, Gregor was living with Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe in a modified AT-TE on the planet Seelos. Unfortunately his brain took a hit and as a result, he suffered from episodes of mild insanity.[5]

Four years prior to the Battle of Yavin, the clones were approached by the crew of the Ghost, who were looking for information on abandoned military installations for the rebel network. When Kanan Jarrus identified them as clones, Wolffe, in turn, recognized him as a Jedi and let off a few shots. Gregor eagerly raised his rifle but Rex calmed the situation. When Ezra Bridger explained that they were sent by Ahsoka Tano, Rex welcomed them as friends. Later on, Gregor encouraged the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios to help the clones hunt for joopas. But he later reveals to Ezra that Zeb was in fact the bait, resulting in the Lasat being swallowed by the joopa, whom Gregor nicknamed Big Bongo. After managing to kill the joopa, Zeb was none to happy to learn that he was bait, but was calmed when Gregor pointed out that he helped catch Big Bongo.[5]

Gregor old

Gregor during his retirement on Seelos

While settling down for dinner, Sabine discovered that one of the clones, Wolffe, had contacted the Empire. While Gregor and Rex had grown to trust the Ghost crew, Wolffe wanted to protect his comrades from being persecuted by the Empire for harboring these rebels. When confronted, Wolffe admitted his wrongdoing and accepted Rex's reasoning that the rebels were their friends. After discovering and destroying an Imperial probe droid, the clones and rebels prepared for the impending Imperial assault.[5] While Kanan tried to convince the clones to come with them, Rex was adamant that he and his comrades would stay behind to hold the Imperials back while the rebels escaped.[8]

The rebels reluctantly departed on their auxiliary ship Phantom to rendezvous with the Ghost in space. Shortly later, a force of three AT-AT walkers led by the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of the crew of the Ghost. While outnumbered and outgunned, Gregor and his companions faced off against the Imperials in their lone AT-TE walker. At Ezra's urging, the rebels returned to rescue the clones and succeeded in defeating the Imperial force, forcing Kallus and his men to flee into the desert.[8] After that, Gregor and his fellow clones saluted Kanan and his Padawan, and Rex agreed to join the Rebellion whilst Gregor and Wolffe stayed behind on Seelos, taking the remaining AT-AT walker for their new home.[9]

Last stand on LothalEdit

"It was an honor to fight with you, for something we chose to believe in."
―Gregor's last words[src]
Death of Gregor

Gregor dying in Rex's arms

Gregor along with Rex and Wolffe took part in Ezra Bridger's attempted liberation of Lothal.[10] During the battle, Gregor was fatally shot in the right side of the chest. He told Rex of what an honor it was to serve him.[11]

Personality and traitsEdit

Gregor's helmet

Gregor's helmet

As a Clone commando, Gregor was trained in combat and could operate a blaster. Despite suffering a brief spell of amnesia, Gregor was loyal to the Galactic Republic and willing to put his life on the line for the Republic.[4] Since Gregor removed his control chip, he was unaffected by the transmission of Order 66. Due to the brain damage he had sustained during the Clone Wars, Gregor experienced occasional periods of insanity during the Age of the Empire.[5]

Unlike Wolffe, Gregor along with Rex were not hostile towards Kanan Jarrus and his rebel cell, the Spectres. He befriended Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios, and convinced the rebels to accompany him on a hunt for joopas in return for Rex supplying them with information on former Republic military installations.[5] Gregor and Wolffe were loyal to Rex and looked up to him as their leader. Gregor and his fellow clones were willing to fight to the death in order to protect their new-found rebel friends from Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus. Gregor and his fellow clones came to respect Kanan and Ezra after the rebels came to their aid and drove off Kallus' forces.[8]


During the Clone Wars, Gregor wore clone commando armor with yellow markings. His helmet had tallies on it which presumably represented the number of battle droids he destroyed in battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gregor first appeared in "Missing in Action," an episode of the fifth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. A preview clip featuring Gregor was later shown at Celebration VI. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. A trailer for the show's fifth season includes Aurebesh on Gregor's profile notes indicating that he went missing in action during the Battle of Sarrish.[12]

During the episode, a hologram showing Gregor's military records was displayed in Aurebesh after R2-D2 scanned his identifying code. As well as displaying Gregor's status as MIA during the Battle of Sarrish, it displayed 'Sgt 1st Class', '212 Attack Battalion' and 'Foxtrot Group', as well as Gregor's height and weight.[4] The designation of Sgt 1st Class contradicts Colonel Gascon stating that Gregor was Captain, despite the fact that Gascon was going off of the hologram.

The markings on Gregor's helmet were inspired by the hash-marks that Boston Bruins goaltender Gerry Cheevers stenciled on his mask to denote the stitches he would have gotten had he not been wearing protective gear.[13]

Baker later reprised his role as Gregor in the second season of the Disney XD animated television series Star Wars Rebels; appearing in the episodes "The Lost Commanders" and "Relics of the Old Republic", which premiered on October 8, 2015 at the 2015 New York Comic Con. Three years later, Baker reprised his role as Gregor once more in the final Rebels episodes "A Fool's Hope" and "Family Reunion – and Farewell", which premiered on March 5, 2018 at Disney XD.



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