The CC-7700/E interdiction cruiser, nicknamed the Double Seven or Slash-E, was a model of the CC-7700 frigate.


Compared to the original CC-7700 model, it had upgraded armor and weaponry. Its six shield generators were complemented by a carbon-nanofilament armor hull. Defensive weaponry included eight quad laser cannons upgraded to be almost as powerful as Clone Wars-era turbolasers and a large number of anti-starfighter cluster bombs, designed to go off in case of the proximity of starfighters. It was thought that even if a TIE Fighter could slip through the defenses of one of these ships, it would need to travel at almost its full velocity to be able to pierce the augmented hull.

The ship could project a gravity well several hundred planetary diameters. Numerous cruiser's fields would be overlapped to create an even larger interdicted area.


Five of these cruisers participated in the Battle of Mindor in 5 ABY, where they constituted the Rapid Response Task Force's complement of interdictors. At least three of these ships were destroyed during the course of the battle.


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