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CC-8826, nicknamed "Neyo," was a Clone Commander, leader of the 91st Recon Corps and owner of WAC-47. During the Clone Wars WAC-47 was requested to integrate D-Squad, a special missions group of droids led by Meebur Gascon and assigned by the Jedi Council to recover a vital Separatist encryption module, so he left Neyo.[5]

During the final days of the war Neyo was stationed on Saleucami during the Outer Rim Sieges. While on speeder bike patrol with his Jedi general, Stass Allie, he received Order 66 from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, so he and a wingman opened fire with their speeder-mounted laser cannons, killing Stass Allie and destroying her speeder bike in the process.[3][6]


CC-8826, later known as "Neyo", was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett created and trained on Kamino. He was among the first one-hundred graduates from the experimental clone commander training program that was bred soley for fighting.[7]

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