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The CDEF blaster pistol was a blaster pistol produced by Corellian Arms.[1]

A basic, cheap, and mass-produced design, the CDEF blaster pistol was the standard sidearm issued to CorSec officers.[1] Lacking the stopping power of comparable blasters, the weapon's relatively small size, reliability, and ease of maintenance have kept it in service with CorSec since before the Clone Wars.[1]

Corellian Security Force personnel were also known to use variations of in the CDEF line, particularly a carbine and rifle.

The Ithorian known as Tendau Nandon was known to carry one, although he was never comfortable with brandishing a weapon. However, he heroically used his CDEF pistol to kill a Tusk cat that had attacked his friend, Dusque Mistflier.

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In Star Wars Galaxies and accompanying source material, this weapon was simply identified as a CDEF pistol, but was given the full name of CDEF blaster pistol in Suns of Fortune.



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