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The CR-17 Incendia III was a podracer built by Czerka Corporation during the time of the Galactic Civil War. The Zalpertine Cup was a Podracing series on Korrilan IV that strictly catered to the Incendia model racer.


The CR-17 Incendia III Podracers were the latest in a series of Incendia models produced by Czerka. extremely fast, while incorporating safety features and cosmetic modifications. While other Podracers were built to demonstrate advanced technology or trick fabrication, the CR-17s were better used to demonstrate piloting skill. Equipped with CK-H.2 turbofan engines, the Incendia III was propelled by small attitude jets and a single-coil repulsorlift generator. With the most basic safety features and little comfort, the Incendia line had a reputation as a beginner's Pod and was marketed to budget-minded buyers.[1]

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