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The CR-2 heavy blaster pistol was a basic yet durable heavy blaster pistol used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. They were famous for being able to deflect off certain surfaces yet penetrate armor.


The CR-2, standard weapon of the Royal Naboo Security Forces.

The CR-2 blaster was a basic blaster design created by the little-known Corellian Arms corporation, and was the first mass-produced version of the modern blaster weapon introduced on Naboo. The CR-2 primarily fired bolts of charged plasma energy, but a secondary firing mode allowed the weapon to discharge electrical stun charges capable of stunning most living targets. The CR-2 pistol became an antique on most Core Worlds long before the Naboo Security Forces adopted it as the standard-issue sidearm for its Security Guards and police officers.

Ranchers and wilderness guides were also known to have used the CR-2 as added protection.

Dengar used this as a secondary weapon.

Behind the scenesEdit

The CR-2 is a cosmetically modified Calico M960 pistol without the retractable stock.



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