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"General, the enemy fire is penetrating our shields!"
―CT-411, to Mace Windu[src]

CT-411, nicknamed "Ponds," was a Clone Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Ponds AotC

Ponds at Geonosis

CT-411, also known as "Ponds", specialized in military reconnaissance in his clone training on Kamino. However, he did not receive instructions on how interact with the Jedi like the adjutants Prime Minister Lama Su identified to Master Yoda[5] when he took command of the Clone Army.[7]

He first saw action on Geonosis, gathering five commando units for Jedi Council member Mace Windu.[7] Following that battle, he was assigned to Windu as his second in command.[4]

Battle of RylothEdit

After the blockade was destroyed, Ponds was aboard one of the transports landing on Ryloth near Nabat. However, Ponds saw that the Separatists proton cannons fire was penetrating their shields. He then contacted Kenobi for Windu.[3] After the landing, Ponds and Windu lead their force to free the capital of Lessu. En route, their forces were on a cliff where they came under fire and were pinned down by AATs. After Windu cleared the way, Ponds brought up Lightning Squadron to take the AATs. He then took one of the AT-RTs and told Windu that they had lost 32 men, including command crews of three walkers.[3]

Onboard one of the AT-TEs, Ponds was informed thay were coming up on a village. Ponds then decided to give rations to the villagers, knowing they would be hungry. Ponds then saw Hyena bombers attack the village. He then contacted Windu, informing him, Cham Syndulla and his resistance fighters of the fire-bombing campaign that has destroyed several villages. After the resistance fighters joined their forces, Ponds prepared his men and watch with Syndulla for Windu to activate the bridge. When Windu was discovered, Ponds was able to destroy one of the STAPs. Ponds, alongside Syndulla then led the charge into Lessu ahead of their forces. After Tambor was captured, Ponds then watched the parade alongside Windu.[6]

Search for survivorsEdit

Later, Ponds accompanied Windu in his search for survivors in a crater following the defeat of the Droid Army on Malastare. There, they found survivors. They also came across the Zillo Beast. Luckily, they were rescued by Skywalker and were able to board a gunship.[8]

On the EnduranceEdit

Later in the Clone Wars, Ponds joined Windu and fellow Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker onboard the Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance, alongside Admiral Kilian. When the young Boba Fett suddenly tried to kill Windu, he damaged the ship's core, sending it into disarray. As Windu, Skywalker, and the ship's crew abandoned ship, Ponds stood alongside Kilian and his navigational crew as the ship went down upon Vanqor.[9]

While in the wrecked ship on Vanqor, Ponds, Kilian, and a surviving crewman were all taken captive by Fett and his bounty hunter allies Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas. They were then taken to Slave I, where Bossk guarded them. As Skywalker and Windu tried to find Ponds, Kilian, and any other survivors, the bounty hunters held the three Republic officers captive. After the hunters thought that Windu escaped, they left the planet.[10]

In deep space, the three men were continued to be held hostage by the bounty hunters, who sent a message to the two Jedi Knights after their rescue from Vanqor. When Windu seemed unconcerned by the bounty hunters' threats, Sing pressed Fett to execute Ponds, but when the young clone son of Jango Fett hesitated, she drew her own blaster, firing into Ponds' head, killing the clone commander. His body was then jettisoned into space.[2]

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The back of Ponds' helmet had a phrase stenciled in Aurebesh that read "some guys have all the luck."[4][11]



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