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"Good soldiers follow orders."
―Tup, moments before executing General Tiplar[src]

CT-5385, nicknamed "Tup," was a clone trooper who served in the 501st Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Like his fellow clone soldiers, he was created on Kamino from the DNA of bounty hunter Jango Fett. He was also given the same bio-chip as the other clones, containing Clone Protocol 66—a secret command that the Sith could use to force the clones into killing Jedi.

After joining the fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Tup fought during the Battle of Umbara, serving under Jedi General Pong Krell, who was secretly manipulating the clones into a loss in the hopes of impressing Count Dooku. Tup was one of the many clones who recognized the danger Krell was placing them in, and he participated in a successful mutiny against the Jedi General. He was also revealed to have stunned the General, leading to his capture and later execution.

Later in the war, Tup fought in the campaign on Ringo Vinda. During the campaign, Tup's bio-chip malfunctioned, triggering Clone Protocol 66. He shot and killed Jedi General Tiplar before being restrained, and was taken into custody by the Republic. The Confederacy and the Sith attempted to capture Tup in order to determine why the protocol was activated, but the Republic and the Jedi were able to bring Tup to Kamino, where the Kaminoans withheld the truth about the bio-chip's true nature and claimed Tup had been exposed to a virus. Tup died on Kamino during the investigation, and Tup's friend and fellow clone, Fives, discovered the truth about the Sith conspiracy before being killed and silenced. At the end of the Clone Wars, the Sith triggered the clone protocol for all clones, leading to the destruction of the Jedi Order.

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