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CV was the name for a group of twelve Class-A cargo containers owned and operated by Viraxo Industries. They were parked around the Viraxo XQ3 Platform 1.

CV held a large quantity of warheads and repulsors for use by the Viraxo and their allies, Black Sun. This large shipment was to be transferred over the Black Sun Bulk cruiser XTS-673, which was due to arrive to collect it. However, CV became the primary target of Ace Azzameen and his sister Aeron, who were charged with capturing the warheads for the Rebel Alliance, which was running dangerously low on missiles.

The Azzameens destroyed the station defenses and the station itself, leaving the containers vulnerable for capture. Black Sun arrived and attempted to stop the raid, but they and their cruiser were lost to the Azzameens' merciless assault. With all enemy forces destroyed, Container Transport Group Magnum proceeded to board the containers, which Ace inspected for warheads. About half of CV Group held warheads, and these were the containers that were raided. After the cargo was seized, Ace destroyed all of the containers, including those loaded with repulsors, which the Rebels did not need. CV's cargo was then transferred to Rebel CR90 Group Ithor.