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CX-133 Chaos fighter was a Krath starfighter model used during the Great Sith War.[2]



Chaos fighter rear.

The CX-133 was developed and mass produced by Koros Spaceworks as a cheap, light-weight fighter. Capable of ramming attacks combined with swarm tactics, the volatile fuel and munitions storage was capable of rendering massive damage to any potential target.[1]


These fighters were often carried on board Supremacy-class attack ships.[2] In the Battle of Koros Major, the CX-133 were used to make suicide attacks on the Republic Navy, seriously damaging the command ship Reliance I.[2] In the Second Battle of Empress Teta, they defended Koros Major against an Onderon warbeast transport and four Jedi one-man fighters which assaulted the Iron Citadel of the Krath in an attempt to rescue Ulic Qel-Droma.[2] During the Battle of Foerost, they were used in the attack on the Foerost Shipyards.[3]




Chaos fighters

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