"There was a large Caamasi refugee group on Alderaan when I was growing up, living in the South Islands in secret under my father's protection. They were hoping that someday when they were strong enough they could return to Camaas and try to rebuild."
Leia Organa Solo to Talon Karrde[src]

Caamasi Remnant was the term given to individual communities of Caamasi refugees who survived the orbital bombardment of Caamas during the Galactic Civil War. The term "Caamasi Remnant" could also be used to describe the collective remnant communities, although they were only loosely affiliated.

Each Remnant community was headed by a Trustant. The largest Remnant community, under Trustant Ylenic It'kla, was established on Alderaan; however it was destroyed along with the planet in 0 BBY.

Another was established under Trustant Elegos A'Kla in the city of Morymento on Kerilt. It was later relocated to Susevfi. After A'Kla was murdered during the Yuuzhan Vong War, his daughter, Releqy A'Kla, succeeded him as trustant.

During the time of the New Republic, a Remnant community established Refuge City on Caamas itself.