Caba'Zan was the male Falleen head of security for InterGalactic Ore up until it merged with Lommite Limited to become Dorvalla Mining. He hired the Toom clan to sabotage LL in 33 BBY. The clan betrayed both companies, sabotaging them instead. Working with his opposite at LL, Patch Bruit, they traced the Toom clan to their hideout on Riome. Leading a small force bent on revenge, they defeated the Toom clan on Riome. Caba'Zan and his colleagues were subsequently slain by the Sith Lord Darth Maul, who had orchestrated the whole event. As his blaster ran out, Caba'Zan tried to take Maul head-on, but the Zabrak broke the Falleen's arm with a kick before snapping his neck.

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