The Cabana Bar was the cantina in the hotel Sanads of Rorkee, in the city of Rorkee, Genarius. It was managed by Hurrwarr, a cleaning-obsessed Wookiee with a penchant for coasters.

The Bar included drinks from all throughout the galaxy, and dancing music commonly with live bands during the evenings. In 31 BBY, the band was Geedo Loken and the Lo-keys. The Bar also included a feature called The Pool Bar, where the customers could drink while in the water; the Bar provided them with floating cups to avoid unexpected surprises.

Although Hurrwarr could throw any hooligan out of his bar, or more than one at a time, locals tried to convince newcomers to play Stump-the-Wookiee-Bartender, a supposed game with predictable results.

In 31 BBY, a guest of the hotel named Dr. Shilaea Motacc was a common sight in the bar, as she enjoyed Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrops. Two days after Dr. Motacc was given up for dead after a cave-in, a stranger went to the Cabana Bar and bought all the available stock of Rumdrops, paying in cash and during Hurrwarr's break. The stranger left a pair of spectacles on the bar.