Caeleb was a Force-sensitive Human boy, who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Caeleb's birth was first predicted by Jedi Master Duumas in about 1000 BBY and he created an area on Dalicron-4 which was devoid of the Force, for Caeleb to grow up in.

Caeleb's father was the son of Gel, a former Jedi and he lived with his parents, sister Jhara, and Gel in the Force void, as Caeleb's father hoped that this would protect him from the dark side of the Force. However, Gel became worried that the Galactic Empire would find Caeleb, so in 3 ABY, he contacted the Rebel Alliance and asked them to send Luke Skywalker, so that he could tell him about Caeleb.

However, the spirit of the Sith consort Valik Kodank wanted Caeleb, so that her spirit could reside in his body. She tasked the Dark Jedi Thaum Rystra with capturing him and Rystra sent his apprentice Tol Skaros to capture the child. Skaros killed Caeleb's parents and kidnapped him, but before he could get far, he was attacked and defeated by some Rebel Alliance agents. They had been sent to Dalicron-4 to speak to Gel about Caeleb and they took him with them when they left the planet.

Caeleb lived in the care of the Alliance, but was kidnapped by Rystra eight months later. Rystra planned to use Caeleb to help him obtain the Soulsaber, a dark side artifact, which was protected by the power of the light side of the Force. The Rebel Alliance team pursued Rystra and confronted him in the artifact's location, the Cavern of Light, where he abandoned Caeleb to them and fled with the Soulsaber.