The Caelli-Merced Ice Detonator, also known as the Caelli-Merced Ice Spike, was a fragmentation grenade used and popularized by the fishermen of Neftali.


An ovoid, fist-sized fragmentation grenade, the Ice Detonator was a specialty explosive set via a timer. The bottom-heavy ice spike had an eight-meter blast radius, and cost eight hundred credits.[1] It utilized a shaped charge to blast holes through ice which was often more than a meter thick.[2]


The ice spike was utilized by fishermen on the planet Neftali for deep-sea fishing in areas such as the Bay of Fflus in the Beija Minor Sea. In addition to rods and reels, game fishermen used explosives to reach the exotic wildlife living beneath the sea's thick layers of ice, including the guda fish. The fishermen drilled a half-meter hole in the ice and dropped the timed ice spike, bottom-first, into the shaft. The fishermen then rushed to clear the eight-meter blast radius, although careless off-worlders were known to catch hypothermia from dropping these devices through thin ice sheets. Fishermen were even pulled beneath the surface by the creatures they intended to catch.[1]


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