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"I just wanted something hot to drink—maybe a cup of caf?"
"At this hour? You’d be awake all night, and you need your sleep."
―Zare Leonis and Auntie Nags[src]

Caf,[4] also known as coffee,[1] was a brewed beverage prepared from ground caf beans.[2] It had a bitter taste,[7] and stimulating properties because of the caffeine it contained. When, late one evening, Zare Leonis asked Auntie Nags for some caf, wanting something hot to drink, she refused his request as it would likely keep him awake, suggesting that he have hot chocolate with tang bark instead. He agreed, as this was the way he liked his hot chocolate.[3] Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla each enjoyed a cup of Spiran caf together before Syndulla's mission to Fort Anaxes, reminding Kanan of their time with one another on the moons of Rion.[8] Lieutenant Stramm of the Rebel Alliance fleet used to drink coffee.[1] Zaluna Myder, the shift leader of Myder's Mynocks at Transcept Media Solutions, considered herself a caf addict.[4]

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Although coffee and caf were never explicitely designated as the same thing in a narrative source, A New Dawn author John Jackson Miller has explained that he decided to use caf as a more exotic Star Wars equivalent of Coffea arabica.[9]


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