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Cai was a Mistryl Shadow Guard warrior-woman.


In 0 BBY, she was part of the six-person team led by Manda D'ulin, which was ambushed by the Imperial forces guarding the Hammertong project.

Along with her astromech droid Deefour, she piloted one of the team's two ships, the heavy fighter Mirage. She was the last of the group to join the battle with the Imperial security around the Hammertong facility, but she subsequently provided an escort to Tatooine for the Strike Cruiser which Shada D'ukal and Karoly D'ulin had stolen.

On Tatooine, Cai remained with the ships while Shada and Karoly traveled into Mos Eisley to find a transport for the superlaser prototype which the cruiser had been carrying. She subsequently flew the Mirage out of Tatooine alongside the freighter which they had acquired from Rebel Alliance agent Riij Winward, although Winward 'borrowed' Deefour to ensure that the Hammertong's technical readouts reached the Alliance.



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