"We're discussing Vader's dessert preferences. If he says yes, he's had cake, then he was human at one point and remembers what it was to be happy, and you can continue to talk because there's some common ground there. But if he says no, he's hopeless. Chuck him out the air lock and end his misery."
Nakari Kelen — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Cake was a confection sometimes eaten by the slice and often for dessert. Sic-Six-layer cake was offered at Dex's Diner.[1] Flatcakes were another type of cake.[2]

While traveling together, Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen had a discussion regarding the feared Imperial enforcer Darth Vader, who at the time Skywalker believed had killed his father. Kelen felt that if Skywalker ever had the chance to meet and talk with Vader, he should ask him if he had ever eaten cake because if he had done so then it would be a sign that he was at one time human and therefore not beyond the possibility of redemption.[3]

In her 19 years of existence, Rey had never tasted cake and looked forward to holding Han Solo to his promise of her, Solo, Chewbacca and Finn all having a party with cake when they escaped Starkiller Base.[4]


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