The Cal Ambre was a heavily modified Cal-class battleship.


The Cal Ambre started out as a battleship, but by the Imperial Period served as a luxury gambling liner. Most of its weaponry was removed prior to conversion, but the mass-driver was maintained as a piece in the game "Bombarde". Two turbolasers were used to defend the ship and to break larger asteroids. The six tractor beam projectors were used to move the asteroid fragments into the mass driver cannon.[1]

The ship could support 9,000 passengers and much room had been refurbished to function as hotel suites, dancing and gambling halls, malls, theaters and parks.[1]


During the time of the New Order, Callia's, an antique shop, was located aboard the Cal Ambre. The shop was situated on the main mall level, between Larjh StarCorporation and an exclusive clothier. The owner of his store, Retter Lewis and his employees used this shop as a cover for a Rebel transportation network. Many Imperial dignitaries visited the ship for entertainment, which made it ideal transfer spot for defectors.[1]

The ship remained in a permanent orbit near the moon Rove in the Bramior system, because the moon was an important part of the "Bombarde" installment. There was no Imperial presence on the ship, but a frigate remained in the system to provide security in case of a pirate attack.[1]


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