Calaverous was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire. During the Cold War with the Galactic Republic, he and Lord Kirnon were investigating how Darth Zash managed to be at a party and at the same time, pull off the assassination of Darth Skotia. Kirnon addressed Zash's new apprentice, as to whether though Zash was responsible, though Calaverous believed that it would be futile. Kallig claimed to have killed Skotia, though Calaverous believed the apprentice was not being truthful. As they departed Skotia's, now Zash's chambers, Kirnon tells Calaverous that Zash is growing too powerful too quickly, for no Sith has committed such brazen murder yet appeared to be in another place at the time, commenting that it's enough to wake the Sith Emperor.


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