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Calder Nettic was a Human male who lived on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War.


Calder Nettic had a preference for Echani weaponry, keeping a light blaster rifle at his home. He also had a wife according to Rickard Lusoff.[1]

Nettic ran a small surface-to-orbit transport service with his partner, Rickard Lusoff at Garang Spaceport for over twenty years. At some point he cheated Lusoff on a business deal, which resulted in drunken violence. Jedi Tooka was dispatched to the scene and restored order. He had also had been renting a speeder with Handon Guld, but subsequently had an affair with Guld's wife. These actions angered both Lusoff and Guld to the point of attempted murder. In 3965 BBY, Guld killed Nettic on the Dantooine plains, while Lusoff accidentally shot Guld instead. Several hours later, both men were arrested by Bolook after he and Revan investigated the case and discovered the truth.[1]


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