"You really do want to cooperate, don't you?"

Calders was a Major in the Galactic Empire. He was assigned as chief warden of the detention blocks aboard the first Death Star.


Calders began his military career as a security guard at the political detention wards on Odik II. His exemplary work resulted in Calders quickly moving through the ranks, soon becoming warden for the whole facility. His experience resulted in Calders being assigned to Despayre in the Horuz system to oversee the prison labor pool during construction of the Death Star battlestation. His harsh working methods were approved by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Calders exceeded his own high expectations, and was rewarded by being placed in charge of a wing of detention block aboard the battlestation, staffed by men who understood the way Calders liked things done.

Personality and traitsEdit

Calders was an imposing, muscular man who looked like he was bursting out of his uniform. Described as restrained aggression in Human form, Calders allowed his physical strength to become his personality. He was polite to his guests while so ordered, but looked forward to receiving orders for interrogation, or worse.


Calders was equipped with a comlink, blaster pistol, stun truncheon, and an interrogator kit worn on his belt.


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